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Fitfloor® Garden

We create ambiences where others see only spaces.

Organizing outdoor spaces is a growing market demand. Outdoor spaces are an integral part of any building and interact with the interior design and the needs of those living in the environment. Outdoor is not just about furniture and furnishings, but begins from a basic principle: the flooring.

The choice of flooring, as well as any wall or roof, must also consider aesthetics and certain principles that will meet dimensional, building, residential and commercial requirements.

Every space can be exploited, but each one has peculiarities that need to be known in order to use them to one’s best advantage. Building requirements follow the same principle, of course not all outdoors are the same, but all have the same need: to become a living space.

The best solutions start from observation and the firm belief that making innovations means providing attractive tools. It is on this principle that we have created Fitfloor® Garden. Fitfloor® Garden is the new system in the outdoor floating floor market; modular, easy to place and practical to level, it adapts to any terrain and surface.

The new outdoor flooring system guarantees stability of the structure, eliminating vibrations and squeaks thanks to the versatility of the ground supports that can be buried or supported, and the unique levelling range.

Fitfloor® Garden consists of strong, weather-resistant aluminium profiles and crossbars, connected by mechanical fasteners, gaskets, shock absorbers and buriable feet.
The grating can be created with a grid of variable dimensions to cover any terrain and surface, and can be completed with different types of flooring.

Fitfloor® Garden can be fully integrated into Fitlock® systems using FLBARRAF. The Fitlock® philosophy is present in all components of the Fitfloor® Garden system; ease of installation and adjustment make the design and installation intuitive and quick. The final result is a robust and structurally unobtrusive system.
The new Fitfloor® Garden outdoor system is, according to data collected by CSIL, perfectly in tune with the market demand.
Donatella Cheri says, “Outdoor elements as well as transformable furniture/flexible elements adaptable to multifunctional spaces are the most requested products among the furniture sector.”

Fit your needs, get our system.

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