Adjustable fitclock


sample Adjustable fitclock
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exclusive minimum gap of

1 mm

to unlock drawers


sample Adjustable fitclock
  • Adjustable
  • Easy simplified
  • Non-invasive aftersales installation

Adjustable fitclock

Adjustable Fitclock® is the innovative system that replaces the traditional push/open one usually used in the nautical and caravan field, improves and makes easier the block of the doors, and facilitates their opening.

This meliorative system does not affect the aesthetics and the use of the doors; indeed, with its operation range of just 0.7 mm, Adjustable Fitclock® unlocks the door and allows its opening.

The system is also available in two versions, Adjustable Fitclock® (FCSAVR) equipped with apposite adjusting element allows ±2,4 mm coupling adjustment even after assembly. Fitclock® (FCSAV) applies where no post-installation adjustment is required.

When perfection is required, the Fitclock® adjustable system is the correct lock.

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