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  • Modular
  • Levelable
  • Insulating
  • It reduces vibrations
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Light and robust


Fitfloor®  is the implementation of the innovative philosophy of Daureka for floating flooring.

Patented systems that change the rules of assembly, designed to make job easier even in the design stage, and that ensure an excellent final result.

New solutions that solve the recurring problems in the field of nautical flooring, easy to install and versatile to use to optimize usability of space and the possibility of working with high accuracy in any conditions.

exclusive leveling
27 - 100 mm
after assembly

When perfection is required, the Fitfloor® systems are the correct option.

Fitfloor® is the reference system on the market of floating flooring: modular, easy to install and handy to level, it adapts to any requirement in the nautical field with specific solutions for construction, exhibition, or museum sectors.

The Fitfloor® system consists of aluminium profiles and transoms, linked through apposite mechanical fittings, gaskets, and dampers that ensure the stability of the structure, reduce vibrations and avoid any squeaks completely.

The grating can be made with a mesh of variable size to cover any surface and can be completed with different kinds of flooring.

The Fitfloor® parts are available with profiles of two different sizes to reduce the thickness of the support grating, if required.

Fitfloor® is the only floating flooring system that is always levelable, even after glueing the adjustable feet that offer the possibility of carrying out leveling perfectly according to the degree of inclination and the unevenness of the support surface.

Fitfloor® leans on rubber dampers that ensure elasticity for the highest “walking” comfort and stability to the floor since they can support large static loads thanks to a dual action both in compression and in expansion.


Since 2012, Fitfloor®  has been used for 35,100 square meters of flooring with no complaints.

tennis field
it corresponds to 195  TENNIS COURTS


The validity of the Fitfloor® system underwent structural noise abatement tests that proved excellent performance in terms of Transmission Loss and Insertion Loss. Fitfloor® offers a good decoupling, reduces noise and structural mobility by insulating the flooring surface against vibrations from the lower surface, giving an effective insulating action.

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