Azmini Fitlock


sample Azmini Fitlock

Fitlock®  is a pressure fixing system which offers unique benefits for mounting of panelling.

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exclusive displacement of

3 mm

in all directions


sample Azmini Fitlock
  • It can be coated with resin
  • Precise and quick assembly
  • Versatility of use

Fitlock® is the innovation that revolutionizes the pressure fixing assembly.

Azmini Fitlock

Designed for cladding ceiling panels and walls of any kind, Fitlock® fastening offers high performance in terms of stability and reliability.

AZ Mini Fitlock has been designed to be installed directly on the bracket via resin coating of the female fitting or co-moulded.

AZ Mini Fitlock is perfectly compatible with the entire Mini Fitlock (MFL) series, thanks to its perfect interchangeability with the male and female fittings of the whole Mini Fitlock (MFL) line, including its accessories.

Easy to install, remove, and place, Fitlock® simplifies the hardest procedures of inspection, maintenance, and recovery.

Fitlock® is the innovation that revolutionises the pressure fixing assembly.Installation

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