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Exclusive alignment

Acoustic and anti-vibration insulation pad

  • Modular
  • Insulation pad
  • Accurate alignment
  • It reduces vibrations
  • Variable shimming
  • Light and robust

Fitgrid® is the implementation of the innovative philosophy of Daureka for walls and ceilings gratings

Patented systems that change the rules of assembly, designed to make job easier even in design stage and ensure an excellent final result

New solutions that solve the recurring problems in the field of cladding walls and ceilings, easy to install and versatile to use to optimize usability of space and the possibility of working with high accuracy in any conditions.

When perfection is required, the Fitgrid® systems are the correct option.

Fitgrid®  is a substructure made with shaped aluminium profiles. The system involves construction of gratings fitted to the boat structure, with the aim of adjustable elastic supports.

Fitgrid® is designed and manufactured to absorb vibrations and reduce noise on the yacht.

Fitgrid® guarantees simple installation, adjustment, removal and re-positioning, safety and absolute seal stability, the highest level of precision obtained in combinations, making the Fitgrid® system superior in reliability, quality and efficiency compared to any traditional fixing system.

The very easy assembly of the Fitgrid® system allows its application in any project of wall or ceiling cladding.

Thanks to Fitgrid®, checking, inspection, maintenance and restoring tasks are no longer a problem.

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