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Fitjump® EVO


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exclusive minimum lifting of

0,5 mm

to unlock drawers


sample Fitjump
  • Invisible
  • Easy use
  • Non-invasive aftersales installation

When perfection is required, the Fitjump® system is the correct solution.

Fitjump® EVO

Fitjump® EVO is the innovative system that replaces the traditional latch usually used in the nautical and caravan field, improving and making easier the block of the drawers and facilitating their opening.

This meliorative system does not affect the aesthetics and the use of the drawers; indeed, the lifting by just 0.5mm Fitjump® EVO unlocks the drawer and allows its opening.

The system is available in two versions, Fitjump® EVO O is installed
where a surface is present underneath the drawer, Fitjump® EVO equipped with an apposite aluminium bar and fitted when no surface is present underneath the drawer.

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