These fastening systems are particularly functional, precise and innovative for the installation of panels and claddings.

Fitlock systems originate from the shipping industry. They are mainly used for interior cladding and furniture decoration. The widespread use of this system in the luxury ambience of Mega Yachts attests the reliability and performance of the product. Discover all products destined for the shipping industry.

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In aviation, small spaces contain large technologies. Every environment must be accessible for maintenance without compromising design and safety. This analogy with the shipping industry results in a wide range of applications for Fitlock systems. Discover all products destined for the aviation industry.

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In the case of moving objects, such as land transport carriers, the interior fittings must be able to withstand mechanical strain during travel. For this reason, the fastening systems must be robust and stable, but at the same time maintain a certain degree of elasticity and the internal components must be easy to remove. The use of Fitlock systems avoids these problems. Discover all products destined for transport.

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Fitlock systems offer a wide range of solutions for the building industry. Our products are reliable in their application in exterior construction (such as the installation of ventilated facades) as well in interior design (such as for the design of floor, ceiling and wall coverings). Panels, slats and brackets complete the offer. Discover all products destined for the building industry.

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Fitlock systems offer a variety of mounting options, a feature that is appreciated by architects and designers, allowing them to give free rein to their creativity, free from traditional angles. Free of constraints, the shapes match and the spaces result exactly as they were designed. The areas of application are unlimited. Discover the products designed for design.

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Fitlock systems are designed to be mounted by fitters using standard tools. No special tools are required. All product pallets are equipped with accessories that facilitate the positioning, mounting and removal of Fitlock. Furthermore, we provide all CAD files for all devices with numerical control. Discover all accessories.

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