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Spacer ring for FITLOCK

Because it is used

Fit Lock is easy to install, to remove and to reposition. It facilitates even complicated mounting, maintenance and renovation work etc. By the selection of accessories, it is possible to use Fit Lock even in unusual situations. Thanks to the spacer ring, the thickness and distances between the different mounts can be modified.

Where it is used
The spacer ring for FitLock is a versatile system, which enables the realization of high-quality veneers that are not only fixed but also removable. It suits also for mounting in all kinds of areas and a wide range of finishings.
How to use
The spacer ring is used as an additional shim for Mini Fit Lock and can be combined with both the male and female part.
Technical Features
  • Material:
  • Available colours:
  • Diameter(mm):
  • Weight:
  • Acetal 
  • white 
  • 60 
  • 1 g